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1.What are the products and services offered by Signea Living?

Signea Living offers furniture and furnishing packages for small to medium size residentials, where you can choose interior designer’s template with various styles and themes according to your home size. These packages include delivery, installation, and interior styling (for furnishings) with 2 months production and installation time guarantee and 2 years accessories and hardware warranty.


2. What is included and not included in the Signea Living packages ?

These packages include delivery, installation, and interior styling (for furnishings) with 2 months production and installation time guarantee and 2 years accessories and hardware warranty. In general, the packages don’t include electronic appliances, sink, faucet, cooking hood, and specific furnishings such as matrass, curtain, and bed linen, which are bound to our clients’ personal preference.

3.How long is the production and setting time for every packages?

Every package will be produced and set on location in 2 months.


4. Do the packages price also include delivery and setting fee?

Yes. Signea Living packages already include delivery, setting and styling service (for Surabaya only).

5. Signea Living covers which area? Is there any surcharge for out of town delivery and setting?

Signea Living is based in Surabaya, thus delivery, installation and interior styling in Surabaya is free of charge. But don’t worry, Signea Living also extends the service for projects outside Surabaya with some surcharges.

6. Does Signea Living provides drawing details for each furniture?

Signea Living provides complete set of working drawing for every packages and furniture items which will be explained by our team. Feel free to contact us for product presentation by our team.

7. How do I place order for Signea Living products?

Before placing your order, you can check out our latest templates in this website according to your unit size. After finding the templates that suit your preference, you can contact us by Whatsapp or call our office to make appointment with our team for product presentation and on site survey. After that we will confirm your order and start the production according to your order form.

8. Can I order partial package?

Of course. You can order only part of the package (minimum 1 room).

9. Is it possible to costumize the size and items from the packages?

Yes it is. During on site survey, our technical team will check the actual size of your unit to arrange minor adjustment to the furniture size. Minor adjustment to fit the actual unit is free of charge. Our templates also offer several finishing color and pattern alternatives for our clients to pick. And it is also possible not to order the whole set (minimum 1 room).


10. Is it possible to do custom design?

Signea Living is part of PT. Desain Kreasi Cemerlang group that specializes in residential interior templates. For custom design, we suggest you to contact D+sign Studio team, another part of PT. Desain Kreasi Cemerlang group focussing on custom design. Don’t forget to check their website on www.dplussign.com

11. I can’t find the style I want from available templates for my unit size, can I choose the style from other size unit?

Yes, our designer team will assist you to pick the right items for your specific unit.

12. The unit size (Small, Medium, and Large) noted here is semi gross area or gross area? 

The unit size noted in this website are nett area of the unit. What is nett area? It is the total floor area inside the inner wall of the apartment or house unit.

13. Can I order the packages for my landed house, or is it only specialized for apartments?

The packages can also be applied for landed house.

14. Does Signea Living provide warranty for the products?

In Signea Living we provide 2 years warranty for our products and direct contact to our hotline service with 2x24 hours solution policy, meaning our team will provide the best solution and settlement before 48 hours.


15. After I make an order, how is the payment arranged?

Generally, there are 3 options of payment method, cash, in house installment or credit card installment. Don’t forget to check our lates promo and easy installment program.